Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

What is Matcha?

Matcha has become a bit of a buzz word of late, but actually has a long history steeped in culture dating centuries back to Zen Buddhist monks and their meditation practices. It is basically just green tea leaves ground into a fine powdered form, so instead of throwing out the tea leaves (along with many potent benefits) you consume the whole leaf.

While it had a rocky start when tea first came to Japan from China (so could say it all began there), the true methods of matcha green tea powder are a product of Japan. For many reasons, Japanese matcha is the only one you should consider.

Matcha Maiden Green Tea Powder
Ceremonial Matcha Maiden Green Tea

What’s Special About Japan?

Matcha is increasingly available from many sources around the world, but its true birthplace is in beautiful Japan. While it was from China that Japanese Zen Buddhist Monk, Eisai brought tencha – tea steamed and ground into a fine powder – it was in fact in Japan that the methods for growing a vibrant, flavoursome, delicate powder were honed and perfected.

China and other areas of Asia have continued to develop their own methods and a lot of matcha products are emerging from China but they are simply not the same. At Matcha Maiden, we are dedicated to providing a premium quality product while honouring matcha’s long standing cultural and traditional history, so we source only pure Japanese matcha from the lush rolling hills of Kyoto.

Alternatives have started becoming more widespread and popular all around the world, mostly due to much lower prices and availability with China being the most common. But, importantly, the soil quality and characteristics differ considerably to those in Japan and these conditions result in very different matcha powders. The delicate, complicated process of shade-growing the matcha green tea leaves is also often not followed strictly outside of Japan, where other methods have developed. But that process is what makes matcha so vibrant and healthful.

So, team Matcha Maiden taste tested and researched extensively to find our wonderful tea farm in the countryside around Kyoto to find a premium quality, delicious, versatile, accessible and affordable product for you all to enjoy.

Why Organic Matcha?

We are dedicated to spreading the incredible benefits of this bright Japanese green tea powder and want to ensure our organic matcha isn’t contaminated by any pesticides, toxins or nasties. In this fast-paced, rapidly changing world, food quality has become so important for our health and there is a move to reduce the toxins we are exposed to. So, we made sure to work only with Japanese certified organic farms to source our matcha green tea powder so we are only nourishing you with green goodness and nothing else!

Organic Matcha Maiden powder




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