You’ve finally got your hands on some of our organic, Japanese and stone-ground Matcha Maiden matcha powder and you’re probably now wondering what to do with it.

Maybe you’ve been having matcha lattes at the cafes around town for ages now and figured you should just try making the matcha latte at home for yourself, rather than fork out $4-5 each time!

It seems daunting and complicated but nailing your own matcha latte can be life changing. Not only does it mean you can save your hard-earned cash and not have to dig deep to afford your morning matcha latte but it also means that you can jazz it up to the way that YOU like it!

We totally get you and we’re here to help! We’ve seen tonnes of amazing Matcha Maiden lattes, each with their every own little twist. Making your first matcha latte might SEEM daunting because it’s such a novel and new experience for all. Here is our go-to, basic recipe.

We’ve broken down the process into simple steps for you to nail the perfect and easiest matcha latte recipe EVER!


Things Required

  • A stove top or microwave        
  • A tea spoon (we recommend Matcha Measuring Spoon – specially designed to measure the perfect dose)
  • Hot water (not boiling)
  • Matcha Powder (our pure matcha or any of our blends –
  • Your choice of milk
  • Your choice of sweetener (optional)  
  • A mug/cup


  • 1/2 Tea Spoon Match Maiden Matcha Powder (1 Tea Spoon If you like strong latte)
  • 1/4 cup of Hot Water (Not boiled water)
  • 200ml of Preferred Milk (Oat/ Hazelnut/ Macadamia/ Almond/ Coconut/ Soya/ Cows Milk/ Other)
  • Sweetener (Optional – Sugar/ Honey/ Rice Malt Syrup/ Coconut Nectar/ Other)

Milk Choices

Before we get into the nitty gritty, a word on the types of milk that go well.

  • First and foremost, yes, you can most definitely use regular cows milk and the natural sweetness from the warm milk will marry with the umami flavour of matcha perfectly.
  • We actually find that plant based milks are much more popular and actually taste BETTER than using cows milk because of each milks distinct taste!
  • Soy milk is a lovely way to start with many lattes in Japan itself being made with soy milk since soy is so prevalent in the Asian diet.
  • Better yet, coconut and almond milk is GREAT to have a matcha latte with! We’ve found, however, that unless you’ve made your own almond milk, it might not be as creamy as a soy milk or cows milk base but still delicious nonetheless. If you love matcha for the pure taste of it, go for the almond milk as it tends to have less of a distinct flavour to it!

Essentially, you can use ANY milk that tickles your fancy- oat, hazelnut, macadamia, almond, coconut, soy, cows milk.. they all work!


  1. Put ½ a teaspoon of matcha powder into a sauce pan (if youre using the stove top) or straight into a mug (if you’re using the microwave)
  2. Add in hot water- just enough to cover the matcha*
  3. Mix to dissolve the matcha and form a thin paste
  4. Add your choice of milk to the dissolved matcha (soy and coconut are out choice of plant-based mylks because they add a touch of sweetness and balances out the matcha amazingly)
  5. Heat up on the stove top or place in the microwave (if you’ve dissolved your matcha in a mug) until hot.
  6. Add your choice of sweetener (our favourites are rice malt syrup & coconut nectar)
  7. Top with a sprinkle of matcha or cinnamon!

*Make sure not to drown the matcha in water as this will result in a watery matcha latte. Add just enough to cover the matcha and dissolve it. It’s also important not to use boiling water as this burns the matcha and can result in bitterness.

Matcha Maiden Infographic

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Other ways to jazz up your matcha latte

Each person will favour a different amount of matcha for their lattes so we recommend playing around with the milks and the amount of matcha until you’ve nailed your own perfect matcha latte recipe!

Let us know how you go and tag @matcha_maiden in your creations on Instagram or Facebook!

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