5 Surprising Facts and Benefits About Japanese Matcha Green Tea

By Matcha Maiden

Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and helps build a more robust immune system for our body. Apart from that, it eliminates harmful radicals from our bodies as well. This fine green powder produced by grounding the whole leaves of the Camellia sinensis is rich in catechin and polyphenols. 

These compounds have been found to relax our bodies and are used frequently by physicians for treating a wide range of health conditions. Matcha tea also protects and improves cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart diseases from occurring. It also aids in weight loss and is a favourite of many health enthusiasts and fitness lovers.

What is Japanese Matcha Tea?

Matcha, also known as maccha, is a bright green-hued superfine tea powder initially created in Japan. The powder is prepared from the shade-grown leaf of Camellia sinensis, known as tencha.

A month before harvest, the tea plants are kept in the shade to avoid direct contact with sunlight to slow down the pace of photosynthesis. During this period, the leaves get their signature dark green shade and chlorophyll and amino acid production increase significantly.

If you are a matcha tea lover, here are five surprising facts and benefits of matcha that you should know about

5 Japanese Matcha Tea Benefits And Facts

Matcha Was Grown By Accident:

It is said that around the end of the 12th century, matcha was brought over to Japan from China. However, matcha tea was prepared by roasting and grounding the plant leaves at that time. 

The current farming process came into practice only after the invention of oishita-style cultivation, which means growing the plant in the shade. Once this farming process was used to grow the matcha tea plant, there was a significant difference in the colour and taste of the matcha tea powder.

Matcha is Rich in Antioxidants:

It has been scientifically proven that matcha contains a good amount of catechin, a natural antioxidant compound in plants. Antioxidants are essential for our body as it helps in stabilising free radicals, which, if unchecked, would result in cellular damage and chronic disease.

Matcha tea is comparatively richer in nutrients than green tea. Apparently, the amount of certain catechins is 137 times more in matcha than in green tea. In a rodent study, researchers noted a significant increase in antioxidant activity and reduced damage by free radicals in the rats that were given matcha supplements. Therefore, including matcha in your daily diet will help you stay healthy and fit.

Only Suspension Tea in the World:

The most unique fact about matcha is that it is the only tea in the world found and consumed in powdered form. The superfine powder is whisked in warm water to make this fantastic tea.

It is essential to mention that matcha powder does not dissolve in water. When mixed in hot water, it stays suspended and must be drunk immediately before the powder settles at the bottom of the cup. Therefore, matcha is the only suspension tea drink worldwide. You can visit the Matcha Maiden website to learn how to make Japanese matcha tea properly. Without the proper process, the tea might not taste as good as it should.

Helps in Weight Loss:

Rather than taking pills and other cosmetic weight loss supplements, include matcha in your diet to naturally reduce weight. Green tea and matcha come from the same plant. The only difference is the cultivation process that we spoke early on in this article. As a matter of fact, matcha contains a significantly higher concentration of nutrients present in green tea.

So, the results of green tea studies carried out by researchers in association with weight loss can also be applied to matcha. In fact, the effect might be more potent in the case of matcha. Studies have shown that drinking green tea helps speed up our natural metabolism, making us feel more energetic. It also assists in burning excess fat from our bodies.

One study found that consuming green tea while doing moderate exercises increase natural fat burning by almost 17 per cent.

Used by Zen Monks for Meditation:

While matcha does increase energy expenditure, it is also used by Buddhist Zen monks as a calming agent. Did you know that the caffeine concentration in matcha is ⅓ of what is found in our regular coffee?

However, matcha induces a sense of calming euphoria in you instead of the kicks we get after drinking coffee. This feeling can be described as inside an alert mental state while the body stays relaxed. The effects are similar to meditation and have been used by monks for years to help them concentrate. Even today, people drink matcha before their meditation and yoga classes.

In Conclusion:

This article is just a small introduction to the amazing world of matcha. It is such a unique plant compound that the more you discover, the more you are astonished. For now, you can start by including organic matcha powder in your daily food routine.
Matcha Maiden offers a wide range of authentic matcha powder sourced from Uji hills in Kyoto, Japan. This superfood can be used in cooking and baking recipes as well. Visit our website to know more about matcha and its health benefits.

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