We first fell in love with Matcha when we experienced the ancient Matcha tea ceremony in Japan. Captured not only by its beautiful, distinctive flavour but also its remarkable antioxidant and nutritional properties, we quickly discovered how this gentler source of caffeine could work wonders for both gut and skin health alike.

As a serial tech entrepreneur and a former corporate lawyer, we’re not the most likely candidates for a tea company. But personal passion goes a long way and we are so proud to have helped place this vibrant green powder back on the wellness map.

Thanks for supporting our business, and for keeping the love for Matcha alive.

Nic Davidson & Sarah Holloway

Our Matcha

As we like to say, Matcha Maiden is blazing a bright green trail!

Our Matcha is:

From Kyoto, Japan

Certified Organic by JAS

Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly

Premium Quality


We have also expanded into other Matcha masterpieces to showcase it’s versatility (see our store) and there are plenty more on the horizon – all ideas are welcome.



Our vision goes well beyond the Matcha powder itself. Matcha Maiden is driven by our other passion for creating a community of like-minded health nuts. What started as a humble side project has evolved into something truly special, made possible by a strong sense of community and a family business philosophy. We are eternally grateful to our Matcha mates around the world for bringing our Matcha mission to life.

What is Matcha

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