How our beautiful communi-tea came about


It all began with a simple love for matcha sparked when founders Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway first experienced the ancient matcha tea ceremony in Japan. We were captured not only by its beautiful, distinctive flavour but also its remarkable antioxidant and nutritional properties. Add to that some health issues inflamed by coffee consumption, we became hooked on this gentler source of caffeine and its many wellness promoting qualities. Its powdered form also led us to explore beyond the traditional context to take advantage of its versatility in matcha lattes and more.

Matcha Maiden was the accidental business baby born out of frustration when our daily matcha habit was surprisingly hard to satisfy. Ceremonial grade matcha was too expensive for daily use and required special tools to prepare. Ingredient grade was low quality and often diluted by sweeteners. Matcha Maiden is the embodiment of our desire to unite respect for matcha’s traditional roots with affordability, accessibility and ease of use. She represents our mission to revolutionise the way the world perceives this nutritious and delicious powder – from “old-fashioned tea” to “superfood”.

Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway
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To that end, we trawled the world’s tea fields to find a unique “middle ground” blend of matcha filling the gap between the two conventional “ceremonial” and “ingredient” grades. As we like to say, Matcha Maiden is blazing a bright green trail! Our matcha is:

  • from the source in Kyoto, Japan (as opposed to cheaper Chinese blends)
  • certified organic by JAS
  • naturally gluten free and vegan friendly
  • premium quality so can be prepared as a plain tea (no whisk required)
  • versatile enough to also use in other beverages, foods or even skin care

We have also expanded into other matcha masterpieces to showcase its versatility (see our store) and there are plenty more on the horizon – all ideas are welcome!


As a serial tech entrepreneur and a former corporate lawyer, we are not the most likely candidates for a tea company. But personal passion goes a long way and we are so proud to have helped generate a matcha revival putting this vibrant green powder back on the booming wellness map. The matcha mission recently reached new heights with our opening of a specialty matcha café (boasting a world-first innovative plant-based menu), Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. Our business partners also own our very first Matcha Maiden stockist, Il Fornaio.

Our vision goes well beyond the matcha powder itself – Matcha Maiden is driven by our other passion for creating a community of like-minded health nuts. Matcha Maiden started as a humble side project and we have only been able to evolve into a bustling growing global gang (of 1500+ stockists and 300K+ followers) through a strong sense of community and a family business philosophy. We are eternally grateful to our matcha mates around the world for bringing our matcha mission to life.

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