Top Workouts With Our Top(Less) Matcha Men

By Matcha Maiden Staff

Top workout picks from our fave #matcha men


You may have seen that a couple of days ago we released this month’s limited edition Collaboratory product – an amazing MATCHA PRE-WORKOUT POWDER developed with our favourite herb nerd, Reece Carter. (You can read more about this epic blend here – you won’t be surprised that it has nearly sold out!!!) In honour of the occasion, we chatted to a few of our favourite #matcha men about their workouts. We asked them all to pick their top exercise in the gym to share with you (and threw in a little eye candy too). Enjoy!


1. Nic Davidson // @niccyboy 

Matcha Maiden’s papa, former elite athlete, serial entrepreneur, tech geek

Plyo Push-Ups

Plyo push-ups

Whether it be adding a clap, or 2, or 3.. or maybe doing a superman, adding speed and power into the trusty pushup helps build strength and burn fat. This along with most plyometric exercises require just your bodyweight.


2. Reece Carter // @herbnerdreece

Garden medicine man, naturopath, fitness nut & die hard herb nerd

Renegade Push-Ups

Man Maker (although it can totally be a Woman Maker too)

This is a big compound movement that includes renegade push-ups, rows, squat, and an overhead press (you might have to Google it like we did); and it incorporates seamlessly into a good circuit program! Lot’s of muscles targeted plus it gets your heart race soaring: win!


3. Michael Klim // @michaelklim1

Olympic, World, Commonwealth Gold medalist in swimming. Founder @milkandco



“They’re the most complete and engaged exercise”. Known as the king of mass gaining, deadlifts can help strengthen all the major muscle groups. They use the biggest muscles in the body so are great to include in training programs geared at losing fat and improving muscle mass. They can help build core strength, require minimal equipment, and you don’t run the risk of getting pinned under heavy weights if it gets too heavy.


4. Michael Ramsey // @functional_ramsey 

F45 Port Melbourne, South Yarra, Darwin, Moonee Ponds.

Box Jump Burpees

Box jump burpees

Burpees get you fitter than pretty much any other exercise – they’re an intense full body exercise, they work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs, they’re great for strength, conditioning and endurance AND they require no equipment whatsoever… unless, of course, you want to seriously up the ante and add a box jump into the mix like Ramsey!


5. Dustin Brown // @dbrownyoga + @dbrownbjj 
Warrior One Yoga
Pulls Ups or Chin Ups
Pulls ups or chin ups
Pull ups or chin ups are one of the hallmarks of strength training and work the biceps, triceps, shoulders and back muscles hard. Not only do they help build upper body mass, your abs and core also get a workout through the stabilisation required to complete the exercise

6. Alex Mcbride // @alex.j.mcbride

The 5th Watches

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

Don’t forget the abs! Those 6 packs on these guys take some hard work! Hanging leg raises take a lot of pressure off your back and with lots of variations they can hit all areas of the abdominal region!


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