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“Mix-n-Matcha” Pre-Workout Powder


We all want a little more from our workouts: more fat loss, energy, strength, and endurance. As leading Australian naturopath (and our dear #matcha mate) Reece Carter knows, matcha offers all that but without the come down that other common stimulants can cause. It gently revs up the metabolism, promotes the breakdown of fat stores for energy, and gets you ready to take on your workout – whether you’re a yogi, a cross fit junkie, or anything in between! This month, Reece has helped us add naturopathic ingredients to our matcha to craft an all-natural pre-workout powder to supercharge your workout. The legendary “herb nerd” takes us through each component below.

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From Reece, with love: True to Matcha Maiden’s “Mix N Matcha” philosophy, the pre-workout is a mix of two main components:

  • green for energy, and
  • red for workout support and repair.

(FYI, it started off looking like the love heart below but combines to make a brown coloured powder so don’t be alarmed!)

Mix-n-Matcha Pre-Workout Powder

One or two teaspoons of the blend in ice-cold water will be enough, and pretty soon you’ll start to feel the cayenne flooding your blood vessels and warming a sluggish metabolism. It’s time to jump into your active wear and hit the gym.

Halfway through your workout and you’re beginning to sweat. And I mean really sweat. That’s the matcha working its magic. It’s the xanthine derivatives and catechins that we have to thank for the thermogenic effects of green tea, and with matcha being up to 137 times stronger than a regular infusion, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a towel on hand.

At the same time, trace raspberry ketones are supporting the use of fat stores for energy, and beetroot is delivering vital nitrates that the body turns into nitric oxide. This nitric oxide boosts blood flow to the muscle cells, bringing with it the oxygen and nutrition needed for endurance. You may notice that your muscles feel a little more pumped by the end of the workout, which is all the extra blood rushing to them for repair.

Speaking of endurance, you might find you’re able to push yourself further in your workouts now you’ve got schisandra on your side. This herb – a berry that we’ve borrowed from traditional Chinese medicine – is used by herbalists to improve mental and physical performance. As a renowned adaptogen and nervine, it not only improves energy, but stabilises it too. That means less post-workout fatigue so you can get on with your day like a champion.

Schisandra also happens to be one of Reece’s favourite liver tonics. Combining it with bitter lemon helps to ensure proper gut and liver function. This means better digestion and a flatter stomach – before you even get to your workout!!!




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