The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to everyone’s lives. The fear of uncertainty and staying inside four walls for an indefinite period of time has left us all in shock. Which is why the world is witnessing higher cases of stress-related deaths.

And while a lot of us have taken the initiative to utilise this time and improve our lifestyle. There’s still a large portion of the population witnessing mental and physical health issues during this time. Good news? There is a lot that can be done to stay mentally and physically fit during quarantine.

Read on to know more.

Practice Mindfulness

Instead of worrying about the future, it’s important that we emphasise on our present. Be grateful for what you have today. Practice mindfulness and retain that connection with the present.

There are a lot of ways to practice mindfulness and regain balance in life. And yoga, meditation, cognitive therapy are some of the most popular ones. When you try and focus on the present, you are able to transform negative thoughts into positive energy.

Treat Yourself

From massages to breakfast in bed, find ways to treat yourself. It’s a good habit to reward yourself for working hard. This simple act is a way to reserve some much-needed me-time.

You must create your personal space to do something that gives you happiness and sanity every day. Spending some time pampering yourself can actually boost your mood and help you feel at ease. Also, while you indulge in some me-time, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Apologies for sounding like a broken record, drinking 3-4L of water every day can alleviate many of the causes and symptoms of mood volatility.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing techniques do wonder for your overall health. It lowers your heart rate, regulates blood pressure, and helps you relax, all of which helps reduce the release of stress hormone in the body.

Make sure to take out thirty minutes every day and monitor your health. Practice deep breathing. You can also meditate along with. For inspiration, browse through some videos on youtube. You can also enrol yourself in some online classes.

This daily exercise will help you calm your brain and keep stress at bay.

Sweat It Out

What do Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they’ve certainly found the fountain of youth, they both swear by Pilates. From models to athletes, Pilates has been adopted by everyone for decades. Reason? Pilates is extremely good for your overall health. Not only does it help improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, correct posture, and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. It also helps manage stress and increases body awareness.

And while it is tempting to take several naps in the day. It’s crucial to keep your body active. You may not be able to hit the gym, but you can enrol yourself in online fitness courses.

Indulging in physical activity is crucial not only to stay fit but also to achieve mental stability.

Good Sleep Is Crucial

The importance of good night sleep cannot be stressed enough. Stress, obesity and sleep have a very toxic relationship. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain, laziness, and high amounts of stress. It also lowers the body’s ability to cope with daily activities.

That being said, cases of insomnia have increased during this pandemic. Increased screen time, odd eating habits, reduced physical activity, lack of proper routine, and the fear of the unknown, have all contributed to weird sleeping patterns. But it’s high time that we do something about the same.

Here are a few tips to improve your sleep pattern:

  1. Take your office out of your bedroom. If you associate your bedroom with a place where you work, you may have trouble sleeping there.
  2. Limit screen time before bed. Artificial light highly impacts our sleep quality.
  3. Avoid napping during the day. It confuses your cardiac rhythm and leads to poor sleep quality.

Drink Japanese Green Tea To Stay Fit

Drinking Japanese green tea works wonders when it comes to staying fit. The original organic green tea matcha powder has 137 times the antioxidants and 10 times the nutritional value of regular green tea. Which is why it helps boost metabolism, energy and burn those extra calories that we all gained binge eating during quarantine. It also improves mood and overall well-being.

And that’s not even the best thing about the Japanese matcha green tea powder. It’s so versatile that it can be prepared in its traditional format as a hot beverage – either a plain tea or a matcha latte. Isn’t that great?

Final Words

The global pandemic has left us all in shambles. The fear of the unknown is increasing our stress levels, and giving rise to various health problems.

But we cannot give up. The idea is not just to survive the pandemic but come out of it stronger.

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