Melbourne Matcha Madness | Our Top 5 Matcha Creations In Melbourne

By Matcha Maiden Staff


We’ve got NOTHING on the motherland when it comes to amazingly delicious creations using the newest superfood on the block, matcha tea powder. However, we still reckon that some of the best matcha can be found right here in Melbourne.

Here are the 5 coolest and most delicious Melbourne matcha bites.


1// FAIRY FLOSS DESSERT BURGER from Long Story Short Cafe, Port Melbourne- matcha sauce, ice-cream, brioche bun hidden under a disappearing mass of pink fairy floss.. every kids DREAM! If we could fit it in a take-away box home with us, we would! If you haven’t got time to devour this one, Long Story Short also do an awesome matcha latte pourover! Yep, pouring hot matcha onto a white chocolate sphere to  feel like you’ve created your own insanely delicious white chocolate and matcha latte. 

Video Credit: Big Review TV, Youtube

2 // MATCHA VEGAN WAFFLE  from King of the Castle Cafe, Geelong- served with fruit sorbet, strawberry compote, banana chips + Pana chocolate. It may technically be just outside of Melbourne but it’s worth every minute of travel time! This one is gluten and dairy free AND vegan #gamechanger. The legends at King of the Castle seem to always have a dish incorporating matcha tea powder with every menu change and each one seems to somehow top the previous one!

Matcha Vegan Waffle

Photo credit: King of the Castle instagram

3// MATCHA PANCAKES from Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda- with dark chocolate sauce, ice cream, fruit and edible flowers.. did we mention that it’s 100% plant based?! If you’re not a fan of pancakes and are looking for a savoury Melbourne matcha dish, be sure to try the green ‘chicken’ burger. 

Video credit: Tommy Devy 

4// MATCHA TEAR DROP CAKE from Cafe Lafayette, Port Melbourne- You might shed a tear eating it. If you’re not a emotional eater, they also make a mean stack of matcha pancakes AND an even meaner matcha freak-shake with FRUIT LOOPS!! 

Matcha Tear Drop Cake

Photo credit: @that.hangry.feeling instagram

5// MATCHA GELATO from Bibelot, South Melbourne- with matcha tea powder mixed in, it’s the creamiest and most delicious green tea ice cream ever. If you’re not a ice-cream fan, we’d recommend trying some (or all) of Bibelot’s incredible petits gateaux or iced matcha lattes with matcha ice cream. 

Video credit: Madeleine Gill 

Can’t be bothered getting out of the house or want to try to make some of these at home?
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