Let’s face it. We can listen to and read about all we want on how to NOT procrastinate, but if it’s something that is inevitable anyway, why don’t we just embrace it and procrastinate the hell out of it? Here are our top 10 tips on how to make the most of procrastinating.

1// Exercise

It may be the LAST thing you want to do when you don’t want to do anything but it doesn’t always have to be as strenuous as we make it seem. ANY kind of exercise such as walking, lunging (to the fridge), going for a leisurely bike ride or simply dancing in front of the mirror will get your blood pumping and brain working!

2// Draw a picture

Much of the time, when we’re procrastinating, it’s usually from something that we find too hard, stressful, time consuming or just boring. Drawing allows for the creative side of our brain become active. Sometime’s it’s just that shift in our brain that we need to get back on track!

3// Colour in (between the lines)

Adults colouring in may seem or look funny, but when you find yourself and your mind 100x clearer afterwards, you won’t be laughing anymore! An article in the Huffington Post states that colouring in helps with relaxation and steering away from negative thoughts, stresses in our lives and anxiety. Not only does it work to calm and relax the senses, but it also has some cognitive benefits in the way of improved problem solving, concentration and organisational skills! #winning

4// Soak

Self-care is always important and in our bustling lives, we tend to forget about ourselves sometimes. Grab a book, a glass of wine (or matcha tea, if you’re like us) and turn on your favourite tunes- this is YOUR time.

5// Procrastibake

Getting yourself in the kitchen and putting on the apron might just be the best thing you do all day! Not only do you activate all of your senses and increase feel-good endorphins, you get to eat whatever amazing thing you create at the end! You don’t have to be the next Heston when you’re in the kitchen, even the simplest mug-cake will do the job to get your brain and body going!

6// Take a nap

It’s the simplest answer to your biggest problem for the day. Lack of sleep leads to a myriad of cognitive problems during the day, such as lowering your ability to concentrate, focus and remember simple things and tasks. A quick 25 minute nap or a full 90 minute nap (because you don’t want to wake up in the middle of stage 3 or 4 of your cycle- that’s what will make you feel gross and sluggish afterwards) will get you going again to smash out the day.

7// Get a massage

Going all-out and going to a massage parlour for a facial and body massage can be the cure to all your problems, but sitting on your massage chair with your 3 functions can be just as effective. Getting your blood pumping and reducing the tension within your muscles are all that you will find you need. The human touch will always be the best option as it is the furthest away we can get from technology, in a technology based world!

8// Call a friend

With all the work that we’ve been doing lately (or all the really good procrastinating that you’ve been doing) it’s easy to forget about some of our friends and family. Simply picking up the phone and catching up could give you that bit of new inspiration that you have been looking for! Even if it goes to voicemail, hearing the voices of the people you love can go a long way!

9// Wash the car

This one doesn’t always have brain benefits as it’s not always the most exciting thing to do, but it’s something that totally needs to be done. Think about being able to see through the back window again. #lifecomplete

10// Sit and do absolutely NOTHING

Some call this sitting, others call this meditation. Whatever it is to you, the art of doing absolutely NOTHING takes a lot more mental and spiritual strength that you may think. Try sitting, with your eyes closed, for 15 minutes without being distracted, getting hungry, needing to turn on the music or check your phone. Be still and be with yourself- it’s harder than you think!

Really, procrastinating is important- some have found that the ideas you create are much greater and more original when you’re in ‘procrastination mode’. Don’t believe us? Check out this Ted-talk


Many don’t realise, but we can use this ‘dead time’ to our advantage by procrastinating effectively- who knew you could better yourself and your well-being by doing nothing!

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