Stuck At Home? Try These 6 Tips For a Winter Glow Up

By Sarah Holloway

Saying that 2020 is cursed is probably an understatement. With the spiking Corona cases across the world, everyone’s holiday plans took a massive hit just, like the global economy. Unfortunately, 2021 doesn’t look any better.

Whether you’re a college student disappointed with your cancelled vacations, parties or a young adult starting your first full-time job from home, try to find the silver lining in the wake of this worldwide devastation.

It’s perfectly normal to feel kind of lost and demotivated during these unprecedented times. But on the other hand, this is a perfect opportunity to reward yourself with some much-needed TLC. Cherish this time of no social obligations and treat your mind and body! Here are some easy ways to glow up for the winter. Have a look.

Focus on Your Health

In these uncertain times, you might take comfort in eating food that’s not particularly good for you. Indulging now and then is okay, but you should try to eat as healthy as possible. This is a great time to put your cooking skills to test and try recipes you’ve never attempted before. In addition to eating a balanced diet, drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to include matcha tea in your daily routine.

Did you know that some of the matcha benefits include enhanced immunity, reduced stress and improved skin? Yes, you read that right.

You should pair healthy eating with exercise. Right now, gyms aren’t the safest place to go. But don’t let that stop you from getting fit. Workout at home or go on hikes and runs while practising social distancing.

Take Care of Your Mind

Taking care of your mind is just as important as improving your physical fitness. Firstly, you may feel down because of a lack of social interaction. This can become especially tough if you’re living by yourself. Instead of isolating yourself from friends and family, stay connected with them over video calls and messages. Invite friends for a virtual game night or movie night. Don’t zero down your social interactions. Tell your friends how you are feeling and let them help you feel comfortable. You can also start journaling which can help you sort your feelings and improve your mood.

Various studies reveal that practising mindfulness has multiple benefits. It relieves stress, boosts mood, and improves overall health. So if everything else doesn’t seem to work, enrol yourself in a mindfulness meditation programme.

Switch Up Your Hair

Wait. Put the scissors down. By switching up your hair, we don’t mean you should cut your bangs on an impulse at 2 am! Get a haircut from a professional hairstyle and maybe even dye it a new shade. A fresh hairstyle can make you feel like a completely new person. Understandably, going to your regular hairdresser might not be feasible or safe right now. You can also call at-home beauty services. However, before deciding on a service, make sure you enquire about their sanitisation practices.

Experiment With Fashion

Did you always want to have a distinct personal style but never had the time? This is your chance to curate a wardrobe that is uniquely you. Fashion is ever-changing, which makes it so fascinating. Delve into your stylish side and go for outfits that are slightly out of your comfort zone. So what you’re not going to any social gatherings? Strut your best gear on grocery runs. Play dress up on Saturdays. Have frequent virtual parties with your friends.

Look After Your Skin

Following a strict skincare routine is a time-consuming commitment. If you never had the energy to do it before, you can start now. Do your research to find the best-suited products and practices for your skin type. Don’t choose products based on their popularity. Consult a dermatologist online and ask them to prescribe products for your specific skin type. Medicated products are expensive, but if you have been waiting to give your skin the ultimate glow, they may be worth the investment.

Try New Makeup

It may sound strange to put on makeup when you have nowhere to go. But if you’re bored out of your mind, experimenting with makeup can spice up your mundane days. So whether you’re planning a virtual hang or work video call, do your make up to boost your confidence.

Even if you don’t know how to use all that makeup stacked in your cupboard, watch youtube tutorials and learn a new skill.

Final Thoughts

If your thoughts and emotions have been all over the place, focusing on bettering your overall health can make you feel grounded and in control. Hopefully, our tips help you become the best version of yourself, ready to take on the world when everything goes back to normal.

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