Matcha tea benefits for busy people

By Matcha Maiden Staff

MATCHA TEA BENEFITS FOR BUSY PEOPLE (that still want to be healthy)

Sticking to the whole #cleaneating  #healthyliving lifestyle is pretty tough, particularly when you’ve got 3 kids and a dog and a 9-5 job or have 6 different business going at the one time or have full-time uni/college whilst working on the side to make ends meet . We LOVE incorporating matcha into our lifestyle despite how busy or time-crunched we are, purely because it’s so easy and effortless to do. Not only do we adore the matcha tea benefits from a health perspective, we love it for it’s convenience and versatility as a health food. Sure, living a healthful life through food-prepping and healthy baking is fun, but sometimes it’s such a hassle and actually more time-consuming. For this reason (and so many more) we opt for the less effort, less time-consuming yet still extremely good for you option… MATCHA!

Kick-starting the day with a cup of matcha tea or a matcha latte or even just putting a teaspoon or so of matcha green tea into whatever is already on the stove (sweet or savoury) is the perfect way to get the mind into ‘health-mode’ without having to tear the house apart/be late to work/class/the train. Here’s a list of our favourite matcha tea benefits for busy people!

1// It’s SO much faster to brew than regular green tea

For people who drink green tea or like to start their day with a cup of tea, brewing it from a tea bag takes a long time (although it may not feel like a long time, every second counts when you have to also make the school lunches, get them to school, organise yourself and beat the traffic). One of our favourite matcha tea benefits is that it takes no time at all to make! Because it’s simply a powdered, ground form of green tea, you just dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of matcha into some hot (not boiling) water then fill to the top with more hot water or your choice of milk for a latte!

2// It relaxes you whilst still giving you an energy boost

‘Busy’ is usually synonymous with ‘tired’ or ‘stressed’. For those who don’t drink coffee or don’t want to be having a coffee at 5pm but need an energy kick, matcha is the perfect alternative! Matcha green tea has a much lower dosage of caffeine but also has L-theanine which has been shown to actually relax the body as well so that you can still get to bed at night! It’s a win-win.

3// You can make it on the go

Matcha Maiden water mint drink recipe

If you’re not much of a water drinker and always need something in your water to get it down, matcha is incredibly convenient to make on the go. Sure you can put fruit and cucumber and mint into your water, but add some matcha powder and you’ve got yourself an incredible extra boost of antioxidants! You can get the benefits of matcha, hydrate AND still be busy at the same time.

4// You can take it anywhere (our bags are durable and waterproof)Matcha Maiden Products

Obviously if you’re thinking of making it on the go or bringing it to work to have or travelling with it, you’d like to be able to keep it nice and fresh and still in it’s packet! Luckily, our new Matcha Maiden packaging is waterproof, durable and resealable to keep the ultimate freshness and longevity.

5// You can add it to anything

Matcha Panna Cotta Recipe

Matcha panna cotta by Jordan Pie

One of the best things about matcha powder is that you can add it to pretty much ANYTHING. To get the added matcha tea benefits (one cup of matcha tea has 137x more antioxidants that your regular cup of brewed green tea) without having to brew a tea or have a green tea latte, we love adding a 1/2-1 teaspoon of it into whatever we already have cooking on the stove, or sprinkling it on top of a meal. Some quick ideas are to add it into your salad dressing, sprinkle it on top of your smashed avo, putting some in your curry or even mixing it into your ice-cream! It’s also the perfect way to mask the green tea flavour, especially for those who don’t fancy it!

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