You’ve probably seen, tasted or devoured a matcha latte, pancake, ice cream, cake or even chocolate in a cafe anywhere in Australia by now and you’re probably thinking, where do I even get matcha powder in Australia. In Melbourne particularly it’s almost impossible to avoid a ‘matcha-something’ lurking around on a cafe or dessert bar menu- rightly so though because matcha powder is amazing! Although traditionally from Japan, finding good quality, Japanese matcha powder in Australia is surprisingly easy.

We’ve narrowed down just SOME of our favourite cafes and stores that you will 100% be able to get your matcha fix from in Australia.

Matcha Mylkbar

Matcha Mylkbar

It’s in the name itself. Matcha Mylkbar specialises in superfood lattes, including of course matcha lattes as well as a 100% plant-based menu. You may have even heard of them from their infamous vegan eggs and smurf lattes. If you want some matcha powder to take home, they sell matcha there too!

  1. You might want to go on the rollercoaster at Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park in St Kilda BEFORE heading here for lunch.

Nutrition Republic

Boasting an incredibly healthy and nutritionist developed menu, nutrition republic is such a breath of fresh air for those health-conscious people who still enjoy delicious, hearty meals! They do a mean matcha latte and iced matcha too! They have two locations in Adelaide so make sure you don’t miss them.


A gorgeous whole foods cafe on the Gold Coast proving that a vegan or paleo lifestyle definitely does NOT have to compromise in taste and deliciousness. Get your matcha latte here and soak in the sun while you’re at it.

Cafe Bar

Hardware Societe

Yes, there’s on in Australia too! The sister store to the popular Paris location, hardware societe not only have matcha lattes on the daily but also make an awesome fried brioche with matcha panna cotta dish that is to DIE FOR. It’s worth a visit in Hardware Lane in Melbourne CBD.

Fried Brioche

About Life

About Life is potentially Australia’s answer to the famous US health food supermarket, Wholefoods. You can find About Life stores across NSW which are sure to have matcha.

Great Earth

A health store like no other, you can find a few Great Earth stores around the state and they’ll be sure to have matcha on the shelves


Another health food store that can be found across the state and the country!

Almost all health food stores

With the recent public interest in matcha, you can find it on the shelves in almost all health food stores across the country!
Check out this link to find one closest to you! –> MATCHA STOCKISTS


Matcha is readily available everywhere in Australia when you’re shopping online.
Matcha Maiden even offers FREE shipping Australia wide for any orders over $15!

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