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November 2015


Amidst all the chaos and craziness of the lead up to the festive season, team MM were lucky enough to squeeze in a few days of much-needed R&R at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld which we are very proud to say is another second home of our clever little Mix N Matcha. Nestled at the Southern tip of the Grampians National Park and surrounded by breathtaking greenery, this beautifully tranquil haven also boasts an award-winning 2-hatted Dining Hall. We are so honoured to be able to visit so many incredible destinations like this on our matcha mission and so grateful for everyone who welcomes us so warmly. This particular visit couldn’t have come at a better time or provided a more timely reminder (that we’d love to share with you too) that no matter how much work you have to do, we all need to slow down every now and then and give ourselves time to rest and rejuvenate!


Three hours from Melbourne seemed like quite a significant drive when we first set off, but with beautiful towns like Ballarat and Ararat spotted along the way it was actually a very pleasant adventure. The trip to Dunkeld was such a welcome reminder after a seriously overloaded few months (we just love you all too much to ever want to stop working) that you can always take a few hours off to disconnect and the world won’t stop turning (shock horror!) We were only able to stay for one night, but it’s amazing how time can slow down when you undergo a change of scenery. It was a wonderful escape that helped us unwind and re-energise – I’m sure all of you understand that feeling of end-of-year-burnout, but I highly recommend you take even just 24 hours every now and then to reset (see below for a way to win it for yourself!!!!)

Hotel Room - Dunkeld

The rooms are spacious and comfortable with stunning views of the natural scenery and majestic mountains of the Grampians. We loved the timber finishes of the private balcony and enjoyed a spot of morning yoga and stretching watching the sun rise outside. We didn’t have time to soak up the sunshine by the hotel’s pool, but did enjoy some nature walks around the surrounding hills and even snuck in a gentle hike in the Grampians National Park (which was only a 5 minute drive away) up to The Picaninny Peak for a delightful dose of nature and some sprawling views of the area.

Swimming Pool

Other than the blissful peace and quiet, the highlight of our experience was the dining experience at the renowned Dining Hall. We enjoyed a delectable and innovative degustation full of carefully crafted and impeccably presented sweet and savoury dishes. Like all degustations, the food is an absolute work of art but perhaps not what you’re looking for if you’re ravenous for something simple and filling – let’s just say, it’s not your average country “hotel counter meal” if that’s what you’re seeking! Instead, it’s a food “experience” full of interestingly contrasting flavours, textures and aromas which leaves your senses almost overwhelmed in the best kind of way.

hotel counter meal

The dining hall has floor to ceiling windows allowing the beautiful mountain views to enhance the dining experience throughout the multi-course meal. Not being big drinkers, we didn’t opt for the wine pairing but it’s worth noting that the wine list is also multi-award winning and highly acclaimed. The menu was full of locally sourced options and incredibly creative combinations of food. Again, it might take things to too much of a “molecular” level for some people, but for someone who enjoys the elaborate as much as the simple like we do it was an absolute delight. The snaps of each of our dishes are included below. The degustation is, however, not compulsory and the same (and a few other) options are also available a la carte. The service was also friendly and attentive and we headed back to our room full as a goog! It is not hard to see why the Royal Mail Dining Room has made such a name for itself!!

Matcha drink with food

The Royal Mail Hotel Dish

The Royal Mail Hotel Delicious

Healthy Food

creative combinations of food

Healthy dishes

Sweet Dessert

Great food



We had such a delightful stay and would LOVE to be able to share this with some of you. The Royal Mail Hotel has a beautiful Eat Stay Relax package (which incorporates our Mix N Matcha in the morning breakfast hamper) and which we are sure one of you must desperately need at this busy time (like we did without even realising how burnt out we had become). The package includes a night in the nearby Mount Sturgeon property in a cosy One Bedroom Bluestone Cottage. Wonderful extras include a MindFood magazine, some Mix N Matcha, a five course dinner at the Dining Room and a breakfast hamper of healthy goodies. There is also a tour of the organic Kitchen Garden, transfers to and from the property included and optional 1 hour private yoga sessions. We are SO excited to be offering one of these as part of a Christmas giveaway for one lucky winner!



1. Follow both @matcha_maiden and @royalmailhotel
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The competition will be open from Tuesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd December.
The winner will be announced Wednesday 23rd December.

T&Cs available here. Good luck!!!!

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