You all already know that Matcha Maiden loves a good sweat sesh. You also already know that Matcha Maiden loves yoga and pilates. The beautiful thing about One Hot Yoga & Pilates (aside from the stunningly designed studios and gorgeous staff)? They combine our two great loves so we can sweat it out AND do yoga and pilates at the same time! Yep, this is one of our favourite places to enjoy a hot yoga or hot pilates class and we are super excited to share the announcement of their first ever ONE HOT 100 CHALLENGE!!!

To celebrate, we stopped by to get some snaps to show you all the stunning and tranquil space where your challenge will take place. Designed by the legendary Rob Mills Architects, we not only adore the sleek studios but also the beautiful reception areas where we refuel with matcha smoothies! To get the most out of classes, you also need to look and feel your best with outfits designed for a hot and sweaty environment. We couldn’t jump into anything other than our beloved Lululemon Athletica – outfit details below.

Matcha Smoothie drinks at Lobby

One Hot 100 challenge: tone, tighten, enlighten

What is it?

For all our Southern hemisphere friends, it’s been a long and dreary Winter. After all the cosy hibernation and comfort eating, we’re fast approaching that scary moment when you realise the truth of that quote “Summer bodies are made in Winter” but Winter is nearly over!!! Oops! The One Hot 100 challenge is here to get you back in gear with a health and wellbeing journey that counts down the 100 days to Summer – Sunday, August 23 to Monday, November 30.

Headstand with Little Miss Matcha, Sarah and Matcha Master, Nicr Little Miss Matcha, Sarah, and the Matcha Master, Nic

One Hot members will be encouraged to adjust their current lifestyle for 100 days to incorporate a minimum of four One Hot Yoga or Pilates classes each week whilst actively engaging in a daily mindful act, which could be anything from meditation, calling a family member or even indulging in a wine with a friend. The 100 day challenge to tone, tighten and enlighten in the countdown to summer will kick off with a 90 minute in-studio master class followed by lunch and presentations from wellbeing experts.

Duo Dancers Pose with Sarah and Phoebe, Yoga Instructor

Sarah and the lovely Phoebe, a One Hot instructor, playing dancer!

Members are encouraged to create a personal program and healthy living routine that resonates with their individual beliefs, goals and lifestyle. Throughout the program, challengers will be guided and motivated with goal setting techniques, nutritional guidelines, mindfulness suggestions and recipes. The program will end after 100 days with a closing master class and lunch celebration on Sunday 29 November 29!

Headstand position Matcha Master, Nic.

How do I sign up?

Those interested in the One Hot 100 program can sign up for a One Hot Everything membership, which includes unlimited access to a range of over 80 Yoga, Mat and Reformer Pilates Classes per week, plus change room access, showers, beauty products, hair dryers and straighteners, with no lock in contract. For more specific details on pricing, head to the One Hot website.

Matcha Smoothie

What should I wear?

Why Lululemon, of course! Thanks to the amazing Lululemon team for our expertly designed outfits that hold up magnificently to the heat, sweat and bend-and-stretching!

Little Ms Matcha, Sarah, wore:

Little Miss Matcha.

The Matcha Master, Nic, wore:

Master Matcha, Nic

For more details:

See the One Hot Yoga website or Lululemon Australia website.

Half Pigeon Pose Little Miss Matcha, Sarah Headstand block with Master Matcha, Nic Matcha Maiden Smoothie

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