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Samantha Gash


If you missed the memo a few weeks ago and didn’t read our ‘Athletes for change’ blog post, you should probably ketchup! In it, we featured the awe-inspiring Samantha Gash, a fellow Melbournian and good friend of ours, and her 3800 km run (literally run.. like with her two feet) across India to raise funds and awareness for barriers of quality education for children throughout the country. We’ve decided to support Sam from home by choosing a distance to run alongside her and help raise funds at the same time through a team of amazing runners/walkers (YOU). Our Papa, Nic, will be flying over to support and join Sam in October but in the meantime, we hope that you can join OUR team to kick our team distance goals (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

Samantha Gash

A little bit about the cause from the Run India website:

“The barriers that prevent children from accessing – and completing – a quality education are complex. Through Run India, you can join Sam as she delves deeper into the challenges facing Indian communities today – and witness incredible stories of change. Sam will be visiting 18 World Vision’s Area Development Projects across India and sharing the stories of people she meets in these communities. Tackling issues such as malnutrition, access to appropriate water and sanitation, early marriage and gender bias. These projects demonstrate World Vision’s holistic approach to community development and commitment to ensuring that all children can access the education they deserve.

A little bit about the event:

Why you should get involved:

It’s hard to try to gauge in Australia, and other developed countries, the impact of not getting quality education since it is so readily available and accessible. 78% of adults (by the age of 24) have successfully completed high school in Australia, with the goal of 90% year 12 attainment in the future. In comparison to this, only 10% of children in India actually finish high-school. With India being one of the most populated countries in the world, with their head-count going into the MILLIONS, you can imagine how many children 10% actually is! In developed countries, quality education involves attending the most highly ranked high school or university from a list of hundreds, or having access to state of the art technology and facilities. In India, quality education involves learning how to read and write effectively, how to spell their own name and having access to a school with tables, chairs, pens, paper and a teacher. For us, quality education equips us with the tools to work in a complex society in a range of professions and occupations. For the children of India, quality education equips them with the knowledge of the importance of water sanitation, the risk factors for malnutrition and understanding the concept of gender bias.

Although we are all separated by land and seas, we all live in the same world and should all receive equal opportunities in life.

To see the world we live in advance, we have to help the future generations flourish. Join our team to run with and support Sam in this amazing feat of human endurance to run 3800km and tackle one of the biggest problems of today.

Click here to join our team and donate to the cause 🙂 YAY FOR RUNNING!


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