Time to start impressing your family and friends with some healthy food trends for 2016! We’re gazing into the future and predicting that these 6 food trends will be dominating over the course of the year:

1 // Eating out of a Bowl

Put your plates away! The bowl is here for your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals! Picture warm oatmeal on a raining day, tropical fruit on a sunny day, noodles from your favorite Thai place down the road- all perfectly tucked into a white ceramic bowl! This also makes your meal look that little more “Instagram-able” thanks to the trend of smoothie bowls that is currently taking over our newsfeeds.

smoothie bowls

Snap from the lovely @changeroomfoods

2 // Seaweed

Good news for all you sushi lovers! Not only is seaweed extremely rich in minerals and a natural way to replace salty processed foods, but it also helps to nurture healthy hair, nails and skin. Seaweed is an exceptional source of Iodine, a nutrient that is lacking in most other foods. It’s high in fibre, low in calories and can easily be incorporated into your healthy food regime.


3 // Super Herbs!

Just when we get our heads wrapped around “Superfoods”, the universe wants you to start getting educated on “Super Herbs.” Start learning about your Adaptogen herbs – which are meant to be the miracle cure for fighting off stress! These include Rhiodiola, Ginseng and Ashwanagadha. We suggest you get down to your health food store and start raiding the herb aisle!

Rhiodiola, Ginseng and Ashwanagadha

4 // Food Delivery

Thanks to Google, Amazon and Uber, the trend of high-speed food delivery is taking over restaurants and commercial food stores. Food companies are now giving you the ability to order online and track your order’s every move, all the way to your front door step! Healthy food delivery services such as Hello Fresh and Nourissh provide customers with fresh and healthy delivered meals. This means less time is spent in the kitchen and more time can be spent on hanging out with your family or getting well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Food Delivery

5 // Values taking over Value

We want the chickens to roam free and our rooted plants plucked fresh from the land! 2016 is all about valuing the types of food we eat over how much they actually cost. We want to support local produce, fair trade workers and of course anything that helps to make the world a more environmentally sustainable place!

Fresh vegetables

6 // Matcha!

This little green powder is going global in big ways! Made from green tea leaves, Matcha is a concentrated powder that contains 137 times more antioxidants that regular brewed green tea! It’s also a great supplement for improving your metabolism, burning calories and calming the mind and body. There is so many ways to incorporate Matcha into your daily meals! Check out our Instagram and Recipes page on our website for a multitude of ideas! Don’t forget to share your wonderful Matcha Maiden creations with us on Instagram at #mixandmatcha

Matcha measure spoon

Snap from the lovely @peaceloveandgranola_

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