3 Best health, fitness and nutrition podcasts to subscribe to on iTunes

There is A LOT of accessible information out there today surrounding health, wellness, nutrition and fitness, and it can get a little bit overwhelming. We’ve all probably been there before- buried deep in ‘suggested for you’ articles reading about things that may or may not be 100% accurate or true and usually don’t have definitive answers… for example, is fat actually good or bad for you?

Although we are all grappling with these kinds of trust issues, we think we’ve found a pretty good solution- these 3 podcast channels have been our staple when it comes to learning and understanding all there is to know about health, fitness, nutrition and the human body with accurate and evidence based information. Did your favourite channels make the list?


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Alongside his female Australian co-host, Ben Greenfield pretty much covers every single topic that is to do with health, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, personal training, sport and bio-hacking. We love him because he’s current in his information, he doesn’t get boring AND he is literally a bank of knowledge! Kombucha, the science behind the best tasting bone broth, stevia demystified, poop, maintaining muscle when you can’t work out how genes affect your sleep…. Donald Trump’s exercise regime… he literally covers EVERYTHING.

Our top 3 picks to listen to are:

  1. Best time of the day to exercise, have sex, take supplements, read a book, take a nap & more! (One of all-time favourite episodes!)
  2. The 5 best ways to accelerate fat loss, can testosterone be too high, how to get in running shape fast & more!
  3. Why healthy people get broken guts and what you can do about it

The Model Health Show

For a bit of banter and humour with an equally experienced and objective team, Shawn Stevenson and producer Jade Harrell, are great. Again, the podcast follows an interview based approach with cutting edge findings and extremely relevant content! Along with the bio-hacking, fitness, physiological, diet, nutrition and general health information, you’ll find more spiritual and ‘emotional based episodes with the hilarious duo.

Our top 3 picks to listen to

  1. 5 Things kids can teach us about living a happy, healthy life (TMHS 179)
  2. The only 5 exercises you need to create an amazing physique (TMHS 140)
  3. The best pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout nutrition (TMHS 183)

Abel James Fat Burning Man

Don’t be too alarmed by the name. Despite Abel James being a ketosis lover himself, there’s no extreme ‘you need to be on a high fat diet’ insinuation in his podcasts at all! Sometimes you may hear a bit of ‘fat burning is really great’, but that’s something that we’re all trying to do… right? Again, he covers all topics through interviewing key figures in the field, making all the information extremely credible and trustworthy!

Our top 3 picks to listen to are:

  1. Amy Myers: Autoimmunity, thyroid issues, and how to heal your adrenals
  2. Denise Minger: Raw vegan vs paleo, ditching dietary dogma and how to spot a fraud
  3. Roger Washington: Why we get sick, how to reverse sleep debt & the blue death phenomenon


These 3, are definitely leading the pack in terms of crazy (but still realistic) findings and cutting edge information. You shouldn’t be surprised, also, if you find them interviewing each other in their respective podcasts! Happy listening and happy learning!

If there is a podcast channel that we’ve missed and is equally as awesome, make sure to let us know!

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