No, you’re not dreaming. The Matcha Maiden cronut is actually a thing. The perfect combination between the delicate buttery layers of a croissant and the delicious density of a donut, the cronut has taken the world by storm. And now, the legendary team at Rustica Sourdough have taken it one step further with this #mixnmatcha masterpiece.


With strawberry sugar, strawberry jam, matcha cream filling and a matcha marshmallow on top, how could you not adore every bite?! We thought you might like to see a little video of the cronut’s construction just to have a good drool over – thank you to the beautiful Film By Alice for putting it together for us. Enjoy as you watch pastry chef Nabih work his magic! Chef Nabih has also answered a few questions for us about the cronut – have a read below.



Q&A with Chef Nabih


What is involved in making a cronut?

The cronut is an hybrid between a donut and a croissant, so it’s like a laminated dough that you fold the butter into and give a certain amount of turns. You need to respect the rest time required between the turns in order to get a nice and relaxed dough (who knew dough needed rest!?) After a good rest, you have to cut it into the round shape and proof it before frying. And then, there is the last step which is to fill the cronut and decorate it as you please (which you can see in the video).

Where do you get your inspiration for flavours?

I mostly take my inspiration from my past experiences i.e. flavour associations I have worked with before with previous companies. But I still also do some testing when I have to come up with new products like “the Milo” for example. Brenton ( the owner ) gives me ideas frequently as well – he knows the Australian market better than me.

How did you come up with this particular flavour?

I have worked a lot with Matcha (Matcha – Strawberry or Matcha – Raspberry) before when I was working in NYC. Brenton and I decided we could use Matcha green tea and Tori (a dear friend of Matcha Maiden and another one of Rustica’s amazing chefs) knew about Matcha Maiden so we joined together and created the Matcha Maiden cronut.

Where is the best cronut you’ve ever tasted?

The best cronut I’ve ever tried was in New York at Dominique Ansel Bakery. I was working 200 meters away from the shop. It was a Strawberry and Rhubarb Cronut and I instantly preferred the texture and taste in comparison to any donuts I had tried before.

What do you love about using matcha?

I love using tea in pastries, I discovered that in New York as well. I love Matcha because it brings out colour and you don’t need to much sugar to get a good flavour.


Where to get the Matcha Maiden Cronut

Rustica Sourdough
402 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC
Rustica Canteen
33 Guildford Ln, Melbourne VIC

@rusticasourdough / @rusticacanteen


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