By the fabulous Conscious Claire

Conscious Claire, or Miss Fit Claire, is one of our favourite little miss matchas ever – she is the gift that keeps on giving with her endless supply of delicious and nutritious recipes for MIX N MATCHA masterpieces. Her specialty? The superfood smoothie bowl – always beautifully presented and full of green goodness with rainbow sprinkles of healthy noms on top! Visit her instagram page for more healthy recipes and eye candy!


1 handful of spinach
1 handful kale
1/4 avocado, mint
1/3 frozen banana
3/4 cup Natural Raw C coconut water (or your coconut water of choice)
1/2 cup Pure Harvest Coco Quench
1 tbs coconut flakes
1 tsp Vital Greens Just greens powder
1 tsp MIX N MATCHA powder
1 tsp Amazonia Co raw energy powder.

Blend together and top with coco buckinis (Claire used the I Quit Sugar recipe), raw cacao nibs, and Mayvers Food Super Spread dollops & raspberries.


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