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Matcha Maiden discovered the many marvels of matcha well before its rise as one of the health world’s favourite buzzwords. She first experienced matcha in its traditional context as part of the Japanese tea ceremony and was captured not only by its beautiful, distinctive flavour but also its history as a hero of health and wellbeing throughout Asia

Quickly hooked, Matcha Maiden began to take advantage of matcha’s powdered form pushing it beyond its historical context into lattes and smoothies as well as both sweet and savoury foods. She was surprised, however, to find its remarkable health benefits as a versatile fuel for the mind, body and soul largely unknown and frustratingly hard to find:

  • Ceremonial grade matcha was scarcely available, prohibitively expensive for daily use and required additional equipment and effort to prepare.
  • Ingredient or café grade matcha was too low quality to enjoy alone, never organic and often mixed with sugar or other fillers.
  • The answer? A marvellous and unique middle ground…. Enter MIX N MATCHA!

Matcha Maiden thus embarked on her matcha mission to make matcha affordable, accessible, and easy to use. Mix N Matcha can be prepared not only without a whisk to enjoy as a tea, but you can mix and match(a) it with any recipe – matcha green tea smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, skincare, every kind of match(a) made in heaven. It is good on-the-go, no equipment or pre-preparation required. We hope you enjoy!


Matcha Maiden is the brainchild of Melbourne-based (but endlessly wander lusting and forever daydreaming) couple, Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway. One, a serial entrepreneur with a full service digital agency among several other businesses and, the other, a former mergers and acquisitions lawyer and devout foodie – the two (both also very compatibly creatively inclined) formed a match(a) made in heaven to bring this vibrant green superfood to the forefront of the health food world. 

The pair has grown Matcha Maiden from a creative “hobby” side project to a bustling global enterprise while staying loyal to their roots keeping a family business philosophy. With stockists all over the world, Matcha Maiden is not only about spreading the magic of matcha but also about nurturing a beautiful community of like-minded health nuts. The matcha mission recently reached new heights with the opening of a specialty matcha café (boasting a world-first innovative plant-based menu), Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. The pair can’t wait for what might come next with a very bright green future ahead.