Yep, MIX N MATCHA is THAT versatile. We all know green tea does wonders for the skin, so it makes sense that matcha does even more. And DIY makes sure you know exactly what goes into your mask or scrub. Perfect!
This is especially good for dry skin.
If you have oily skin, you could swap coconut oil for aloe vera gel.

INGREDIENTS (the easy way)

1 tablespoon MIX N MATCHA blend
1/2 teaspoon coconut oil

The trick here is to maintain a masque consistency so mix the ingredients together very slowly and bit by bit. Start with MIX N MATCHA in a bowl and slowly mix the coconut oil with drops of water, only enough to make a paste.¬†You want it not to get too slimy and runny otherwise it won’t hold like a masque does. You can experiment with quantities depending on the brand of coconut oil that you use.

Spread lightly over the face and leave for 10-15 minutes if you’re using it as a masque. It’s very gently as it is all natural so can be left on for longer if desired. Rinse of gently (be careful with light coloured towels as there will obviously be green everywhere!)

The paste can also be used as a scrub if you prefer not to leave it on as a mask. Your skin will still feel silky, smooth and refreshed afterwards. Enjoy!

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