Although it has a long traditional and cultural history stemming from the meditative practices of Zen Buddhist, matcha green tea powder has recently exploded back onto the global scene. Aside from a beautiful umami flavour and convenient versatility in its powdered form, its many potential health benefits for mind, body and soul have helped it re-emerge as a key player on the health food scene. Unlike regular green tea where you brew the tea leaves in water but then throw them out, organic matcha green tea drinkers consume the whole leaf and a whole host of other wonderful benefits. It has up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and 10 times the nutritional content.
Matcha Grean Tea Powder
Pure Organic Matcha Grean Tea Powder

Why Organic Matcha?

Matcha is become more readily available from sources around the world, but the true birthplace of matcha is stunning Japan. At Matcha Maiden, our mission is to provide a premium quality product while honouring matcha’s long standing cultural and traditional history. We source only 100% pure organic matcha green tea from the beautiful rolling hills of Kyoto. While the Japanese farming community focuses heavily on healthy farming practices, if you are not using organic green tea, then you still may be consuming pesticides and insecticides. So, we work exclusively with Japanese certified organic farms to make sure we are only nourishing you with green goodness and nothing else.

We are dedicated to promoting the incredible benefits of matcha and ensure ours isn’t contaminated by any pesticides, toxins or other nasties. In this crazily fast-paced, ever changing environment, food quality has become so crucial for our wellbeing and our focus has shifted to reducing the amount of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to in everyday life. Alternatives have started popping up and becoming popular, mostly due to much lower prices and availability with China being the most common. But, significantly, the soil quality and characteristics differ considerably to those in Japan and such conditions create very different matcha powders. The complex and delicate process of shade-growing the matcha green tea leaves often departed from outside of Japan, where other methods have developed. But that process is what makes matcha so healthful and bright!

What are the Benefits?

As mentioned, matcha is an absolute antioxidant powerhouse! In particular, it contains high levels of an antioxidant called catechins which can be cancer-fighting and anti-aging. Its vitamins and minerals help with immunity, skin, hair and nails and overall wellbeing. Plus, its caffeine content provides a strong boost to energy, focus and metabolism but its unique amino acid called L-theanine ensures a slow and sustained release to the bloodstream to avoid the jitters and crashes that coffee can cause. With all these matcha tea benefits, what’s not to love?

Drinking Matcha Tea