Why Japanese Matcha?

Matcha green tea powder is increasingly available from many sources around the world, but its true birthplace is in beautiful Japan. At Matcha Maiden, we are dedicated to providing a premium quality product while honouring matcha’s long standing cultural and traditional history, so we source only pure Japanese matcha from the lush rolling hills of Kyoto. Alternatives have started to become more widespread and popular due to much lower prices and availability, particularly from China, but the soil quality and characteristics differ quite significantly to those in Japan and produce very different matcha powders. The delicate, applied process of shade-growing the matcha leaves is also often not followed strictly outside of Japan, which is what makes matcha so vibrant and healthful. So we taste tested and researched extensively to find our beautiful tea farm in the countryside surrounding Kyoto to find a premium quality, delicious, versatile, accessible and affordable product for you all to enjoy.

Matcha Maiden Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea Leaves

Why organic matcha?

We are passionate about spreading the incredible benefits of this vibrant green powder and want to make sure our matcha isn’t contaminated by any pesticides, toxins or other nasties. In this fast-paced, ever changing environment, food quality has become so important for our wellbeing and it is vital to reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to and consuming. While the Japanese farming community seems to be quite focused on healthy farming practices, it remains the case that if you are not consuming organic matcha, then you are consuming pesticides and insecticides. So, we made sure to work only with Japanese certified organic farms to source our matcha green tea powder to ensure we are only nourishing you with the green goodness without the rest.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Aside from a beautiful earthy flavour and amazing versatility in its powdered form, matcha has so many benefits for mind, body and soul. Originating in the context of Zen Buddhism and their meditation practices, it is consumed especially for sustained energy and focus without the jitters and crash associated with coffee. Containing a unique amino acid called L-theanine, matcha ensures a slower release of caffeine to the bloodstream so the energy boost lasts longer and is much gentler on the body than coffee. Plus matcha lattes taste WAY more delicious than coffee, if you ask us!

Matcha also has many other potential benefits for immunity, metabolism, and general wellbeing containing up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and far outperforming the more conventional sources of antioxidants like blueberries or pomegranates. Among antioxidants, the most potent and beneficial are known as catechins and one specific catechin known as EGCg makes up about 60% of the catechins in matcha. EGCg is widely recognised for its potential cancer fighting properties and ability to fight free radicals in the body that wreak havoc for our health. Matcha is also rich in fiber, chlorophyll and other vitamins such as vitamin C, selenium, chromium and zinc. With all of these matcha green tea benefits, what’s not to love?

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