Want to understand kombucha? The lovely Audrey from Extra Mile Kombucha explains all….


Audrey Scharf is the wonderful creator of Extra Mile Health. Inspired by the diverse wellness community and demand for functional foods, Extra Mile Health is a readily available source of bacteria that’s good for the soul. Studying Psychology and Psychoneurophysiology, Audrey has a passion and strong interest in the mind, body and gut health, hence her love for the bubbly goodness – Kombucha. You can find Audrey brunching on weekends, enjoying Yoga classes and spin classes. Her motto for “extra mile” is to make others #gotheextramile in their own health and wellness journey.


So tell us, what on earth is kombucha?

A delicious popular fermented drink that everyone is trying out. Luckily, it tastes great. (Well, we seem to think so.) It’s a living food (how cool is that?) containing active enzymes and live probiotic micro-organisms. Ask your Grandma if she used to make it, (she will probably say yes). It’s made from a cultured sweet tea and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) which looks so creepy – but it’s full of good stuff. (It has the alchemical power to transform the tea into a fizzy, tangy, beverage through a dual fermentation process carried out by two micro-organisms; the bacteria and, at Extra Mile Health, we used organic black and green tea (Mix N Matcha, just FYI). We add organic strawberries, Passionfruit, Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Matcha (woop), Chlorophyll, Cayenne (just to name a few) and essential oils to all our blends. Each blend targets a different health or wellbeing issue that individuals may face everyday. We also use Chinese medicinal tea to help support a healthy immune system and further encourage individuals to #gotheextramile.

Extra Mile

How did you discover it?

I first discovered kombucha a few years ago when I was really sick with bad stomach problems. I started drinking it and realised how amazing it made me feel. It energised me, my skin cleared up and I became less bloated. Studying psychology and neurophysiology, I was always interested in chemistry and biology, so began researching and going to workshops and classes. I’m fascinated with the gut and mind relationship, how all disease begins in the gut and it’s really important for mental health to have a healthy gut and stomach. I started making it for friends and family, and it organically evolved from there. I want everyone to realise how good their body is designed to feel. I want individuals to be able to achieve their optimal health and to be happy. I really like to encourage individuals to #gotheextramile to live a happy and wholesome lifestyle.

Extra Mile - Kombucha

Why drink kombucha?

Put simply, kombucha enhances gut health, gives you energy, will keep you jumping throughout the day, and is detoxifying (great to have on a Sunday morning or if you’re feeling run down). It’s immune boosting and naturally lightly carbonated. Low in sugar with no added sugar or crazy ingredients, it is 100% made with love. So, why wouldn’t you drink it? Please note that it has trace amounts of alcohol in the process (no more than 0.5% of bottling). So if you are pregnant or allergic to alcohol please consult your doctor before you go ahead and drink all of the kombucha. Otherwise, get around it!


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