Despite a long traditional and cultural history among Zen Buddhist monks who have used it for centuries in their meditation practices, matcha green tea powder has recently undergone a modern revival. Aside from a beautiful earthy flavour and amazing versatility in its powdered form, it’s no surprise given that there are so many matcha green tea benefits for mind, body and soul. In an age where superfoods are king for their convenience and potency, matcha has emerged as a key leader in the health food boom. Why, you might ask? Why there is so matcha to share!

So Matcha Energy

The most obvious reason why many people switch from coffee to matcha is the sustained energy it can offer with much less adverse impact on the body. Matcha contains quite a lot of caffeine (although not as much as coffee) but also contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine. This ensures a slower release of caffeine to the bloodstream, so the energy boost lasts longer than it would with coffee and is much gentler on the body. It helps avoid the jitters and crash that you can experience with too much coffee consumption – plus matcha lattes taste WAY more delicious than coffee, if you ask us!

All the Antioxidants

Matcha also has many other potential benefits for immunity, metabolism, anti-aging, and general wellbeing containing up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Unlike regular green tea where the leaves are brewed in water then thrown out (meaning you only access a fraction of the benefits), matcha drinkers consume the whole leaf and all its vibrant green goodness along with it. Plus, contrary to what you might expect, matcha far outperforms the more conventional sources of antioxidants like blueberries or pomegranates – it may have even up to 20 times more!

Cancer-fighting, Anti-aging, Detoxifying Wellbeing

Among antioxidants, the most potent and beneficial of them are known as catechins and one particular catechin known as EGCg makes up about 60% of the catechins in matcha. EGCg is widely recognised for its potential cancer fighting properties and ability to fight free radicals in the body that wreak havoc for our health (and create the signs of aging). Matcha is also rich in fiber, chlorophyll and other vitamins such as vitamin C, selenium, chromium and zinc. In fact, to even begin to match the potential benefits of matcha green tea, you would have to consume up to ten cups of regular green tea!

Why Japanese Matcha

Matcha is become more available from sources around the world, but the true birthplace of matcha is in beautiful Japan. Team Matcha Maiden is dedicated to providing a superior quality product while still finding a role for matcha’s long standing cultural and traditional history. We source only 100% Japanese matcha tea from the lush rolling hills of Kyoto. Alternatives have started becoming popular with lower prices and availability, particularly from China, but the soil quality and characteristics differ significantly to those in Japan and produce very different matcha powders. We source only the best!