You’ve finally got your hands on some of our organic, Japanese and stone-ground Matcha Maiden matcha powder and you’re probably now wondering what to do with it. Maybe you’ve been having matcha lattes at the cafes around town for ages now and figured you should just try making the matcha latte at home for yourself, rather than fork out $4-5 each time!

We totally get you and we’re here to help! Making your first matcha latte might SEEM daunting because it’s such a novel and new experience for all. We’ve broken down the process into 5 simple steps for you to nail the perfect and easiest matcha latte recipe EVER!

Milk choice
Before we get into the nitty gritty, a word on the types of milk that go well. First and foremost, yes, you can most definitely use regular cows milk and the natural sweetness from the warm milk will marry with the umami flavour of matcha perfectly. We actually find that plant based milks are much more popular and actually taste BETTER than using cows milk because of each milks distinct taste!
Soy milk is a lovely way to start with many lattes in Japan itself being made with soy milk since soy is so prevalent in the Asian diet. Better yet, coconut milk and almond is GREAT to have a matcha latte with! We’ve found, however, that unless you’ve made your own almond milk, it might not be as creamy as a soy milk or cows milk base but still delicious nonetheless. If you love matcha for the pure taste of matcha, go for the almond milk as it tends to have less of a distinct flavour to it!

Essentially, you can use ANY milk that tickles your fancy- oat, hazelnut, macadamia, almond, coconut, soy, cows milk.. they all work!


Matcha Maiden matcha powder
Your choice of milk (3/4 cup)
Hot water (not boiling)*

1. Add ½ teaspoon of matcha powder into a tea cup
2. Add a dash of hot water (just enough to cover the matcha) and stir til matcha is dissolved
3. Heat up your choice of milk
4. Add the milk to your dissolved matcha
5. Mix/Froth with a milk frother

*it is important not to add boiling water to the matcha directly as this burns the matcha and can result in a bitter taste! Traditionally it’s suggested to have water about 85C but ‘hot’ water is fine.

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